Manufacturer Incentives and Reimbursements

Available Upon Course Completion

About the Motorcycle Riding School Course and Obtaining your License

Upon successful completion of a Boston area Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved rider course, you may be eligible for manufacturer incentives and/or reimbursements. These offers are subject to change as announced by the Manufacturer and/or group, please contact your local Boston area dealer for current policies / procedures.


Honda Rider Club, 800-847-HRCA (4722), reimburses up to $75.00 of tuition of a Boston area class with a paid membership. Membership is included with the purchase of new vehicle, or can be obtained for an annual membership of $39.95 for used vehicles. You will need to provide a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). HRCA will reimburse you each time that you successfully complete course.


Kawasaki Good Times Owner Club 800-433-GTOC (4862) reimburses up to $50.00 of tuition for an annual membership of $35.00. GTOC applies to new and used bikes. You will need to provide a VIN.


Harley Owners Group, HOG, provides up to $50.00 HOG dollars which may be used for purchasing HOG merchandise or for Harley Davidson Motor Clothes from Boston area dealerships.


Yamaha (800 962 7926) provides a $50.00 US Savings Bond for Boston area MSF course tuition when you purchase a new bike from a Boston area dealer.


Students successfully completing a Boston area Rider Course are eligible to receive a MSF course completion card which entitles you to a 10% limited Massachusetts motorcycle insurance discount.


Learning to ride is a fun and memorable experience.

Welcome to the Ride

This 5-minute video introduces the many diverse aspects of street motorcycling. Welcome to the club... welcome to the passion... welcome to the ride!

Motorcycle Riding School in Action

Check out our video of actual MRS students, like you, taking our course - Shows MRS classroom and range coaches teaching the skills of safer riding.

Group Riding

This 10-minute edit of the video in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Guide to Group Riding Kit explains riding formations, pre-ride meetings, hand signals and more.

Common Road

This 3-minute edit of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Cars, Motorcycles and A Common Road video helps car drivers share the road safely with motorcyclists.