Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Course

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Course

What is the cost of the course?

Enroll today for $325 online or by phone. This includes/provides a motorcycle (Honda 250), a helmet, a Rider Handbook, a road exam/skills evaluation for licensing and a completion card (for students who pass the exam).

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What kind of motorcycle is used in the safety course?

We provide Honda Nighthawk 250s. Smaller motorcycles are available to accommodate students who need a smaller motorcycle. Students cannot use their own motorcycle/scooter.

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Can I bring my own helmet?

The Motorcycle Riding School provide helmets for use during scheduled riding dates. However, if you have your own DOT approved helmet, you may bring it. However, if you already have a helmet you may use it.

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Do I need a motorcycle permit to take the motorcycle safety course?

If you are not interested in being licensed then a permit is not necessary. If you would like to be licensed in MA, then you must have and bring your motorcycle permit to your classroom date. For out of state residents, you may take our course without a permit, but you should check your state's licensing policy.

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How do I get a MA motorcycle permit?

You must go to any full service RMV office, no appointment is necessary. To get your permit, you must pass a computerized, multiple choice exam. Many of the questions are simply rules of the road and are not motorcycle specific. We strongly advise you to read the Drivers Manual that is available at all RMV locations as well as on their website.

You should know the limitations on the operation of a motorcycle on a permit. They are:

  • You are only allowed to ride in the state of Massachusetts on a Massachusetts permit.
  • You are only allowed to ride during daylight hours.
  • You are not allowed to carry passengers while riding on a permit.

There is a permit fee of $30.00 and you should prepay for your motorcycle endorsement when getting your permit. The endorsement fee is $15.

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Do I need a permit to register for the course?

No, you do not need a permit to register for the course. However, if you would like to obtain your license by taking the course you must provide us with a copy of your permit at your first class session.

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How do I obtain my license by taking this course?

You must successfully complete the Basic Rider Course and provide the Motorcycle Riding School with a photocopy of your valid motorcycle learner's permit at the first class session. Your permit must not expire within two weeks of course completion. Prior to the first class session you must pre-pay the required $15 RMV motorcycle endorsement fee or the $40 motorcycle only license fee. Payments may be made to the RMV with a credit card by calling (617) 351-4500 or (800) 858-3926. Other payment RMV branch. The Motorcycle Riding School will process your information through the RMV and you will receive either a motorcycle endorsement on your existing license or a motorcycle only license in the mail. The process takes approximately 7-10 business days after your name is submitted. You must continue to operate under the permit restrictions until you receive your license in the mail.

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What if I forgot to prepay the endorsement fee?

If you fail to pre-pay for your license you will receive a certificate in the mail (from us) exempts you from the road test. You must take the certificate and your MSF completion card to the RMV to obtain your license. The certificate will be mailed approximately 2-3 weeks for course completion. Once these certificates have been mailed to you, we cannot resubmit your name to the Registry, and you must bring the certificate in to the RMV within 90 days to get licensed.

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If I live in another state can I take the course?

Yes, students from other states are invited to take the course. However, there is no guarantee of reciprocity with your home state for licensing purposes. Please check with your home state for licensing guidelines.

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If I am under 18 can I take the course?

Yes, you may take the course. You will need to have a waiver form signed by a parent/guardian. motorcycle endorsementmust have completed the requirements for a JOL (Junior Operator’s License), obtain a motorcycle permit and pass a road test. Students under the age of 18 who want to obtain a motorcycle (only) license must hold their motorcycle permit for 6 months before applying for a road test.

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If my leg inseam is less than 26" can I still take the course?

Yes, we do have motorcycles available for students with an inseam less than 26".

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Is public transportation available to your site?

The Monteserrat Commuter Rail station is within walking distance of the site.

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What should I do if it rains?

The course runs rain or shine. Please come prepared with rain gear.

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What should I do about lunch?

The classroom session runs from 9am-3pm with a break for lunch. Please bring your lunch. Riding sessions are half days, but you should bring plenty of water, juice or sports drinks. You should also bring a snack.

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Can I check the class and range schedule before I enroll?

Yes. Click HERE for class and range dates.

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Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Click HERE for private lesson information and registration.

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