Private Lessons

Motorcycle Riding School Private Lessons

Our Rider Coaches are available for personalized training.

Take a lesson prior to taking the Course
Perhaps you're not sure if motorcycling is for you. This is a great way to get a feel for riding and what the course will be like for you.

Brush up on your skills  
For anyone who has been off a bike for a while, it's advisable to get some riding time without competition from the four-wheelers. Time spent with a rider coach is sure to get you thinking about all the good habits and skills involved in this sport.

Take the whole Course

Sure! You can do this.  If you'd like to take the course using private instruction, don't use this form to enroll.  Contact us by phone to work out scheduling and pricing.

Finish the Course

There are many factors that can cause a student to not be successful in the first attempt when taking a Beginner Rider Course.  Don't get discouraged, most people can ride. 

The goal of private instruction in this format is to get you to the point where you're ready to take the course again.  All course reschedules are on a space available basis. Private Lesson students are waived the $45.00 Reschedule fee.

Private range riding lessons are conducted by Motorcycle Riding School Rider Coaches. Lessons are offered during the regular school season (March-October). Lessons are given in one-hour increments at a cost of $75/hour.

We do not conduct private instruction in the rain.

To schedule a private lesson, please call us at (978) 338-1001 or (800) 536-RIDE (7433)