Step 1. Learn to Ride a Motorcycle Step 2. #FindYourAdventure

Why Should I Take the Class?

If you are interested in learning to ride, the Motorcycle Riding School will make sure you have the tools to get there. Some added benefits include:

  • Easier to Obtain License
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Motorcycle Discounts
Find a Motorcycle Riding School Class

Find a Class

Motorcycle Riding School classes are offered both day and night, weekend and weekday, as well as in both group and private settings.

Obtaining a Motorcycle License

Obtaining a License

Graduating from the Motorcycle Riding School will meet the RMV road test requirement needed for your license.

What will I need for class at the Motorcycle Riding School?

What Will I Need for Class?

If you have made the decision to learn to ride, you are halfway there! Learn about other items you will need.