About the Course

About The Beginner Motorcycle Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course consists of approximately 16 hours of instruction (online eCourse and eleven hours on a motorcycle). After receiving your confirmation email – with MSF link – enroll in and complete the MSF eCourse, the classroom portion of the course prior to on cycle range sessions. We provide the motorcycle and helmets. It is strongly recommended at this time you bring your own DOT helmet when attending your range sessions. If you do not have your own helmet please bring a bandana. You provide a positive, involved attitude.

This course is for everyone who now rides or is considering learning to ride. It is both mentally and physically challenging, especially in adverse weather conditions. The emphasis of the course is safety! The online eCourse and on-cycle range sessions cover everything you need to know through hands-on training and motorcycle riding experience .

Classroom Sessions:

Complete and pass the eCourse prior to your range sessions.

Range (Riding) Sessions:

Range activities are completed in two consecutive half days in morning or afternoon sessions.

Morning Hours: Arrival Time is 5:45am. Riding time is 6:00am to 11:30am both days.
Afternoon Hours: Arrival Time is 11:45am. Riding time is 12:00pm to 5:30pm both days.

You must have proper Riding Gear.

  1. Jeans are fine. NOT to be baggy, cuffed or ripped.
  2. Long sleeved shirt or jacket.
  3. Riding gloves - should be leather, must cover your fingers.
  4. Sturdy leather boots, to protect your ankles, with a heel no more than 2"
    Absolutely no sneakers, thin dress boots, or thick toed boots!
  5. Rain gear - we will NOT cancel class if it rains - come prepared!
  6. Eye protection - sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses are fine.
  7. You may want to bring a bandana and water or sports drink.

We provide a helmet or you may use your own (D.O.T. approved and at the instructor's discretion.) Students cannot use their own motorcycle.

How to Register

As well as being a learning experience, this course is simply a lot of fun. Getting started is easy! To immediately reserve your spot, use our on-line or mail-in application process , give us a call at (978) 338-1001 or visit any of our Supporting Dealers.


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